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Family Adventures

We offer biking vacations that the entire family can enjoy. Our family biking tours provide an excellent opportunity to experience a vacation together and provide memories to last a lifetime. We've planned every detail with an eye for what pleases kids from 8 to 80...from fishing off the pier, to kayaking, to horseback riding, Your dream family biking vacation starts here.

Check out Backroads Family Trips.

What makes a Family Biking Adventure different from our other bicycle tours?

Itineraries and Age Family Adventures are designed with kids as well as adults in mind. The best-suited age range for children on our Family Adventures is between 6 and 16 years of age. However, the trip's difficulty rating of biking routes sets the age limits. While some trips are well suited for 6 year olds, others start at 8 years of age. Youths must always be accompanied by at least one adult.

Guides and Support Our Family Adventures are accompanied by 3 knowledgeable leaders (for groups of 10 or less travelers there are 2 guides). We have chosen among our extraordinary leaders who not only enjoy being around kids but also act as role models. One guide is in charge of an array of special events, which make our Family Adventures a memorable journey. In addition, our support van makes sure that everyone is well looked after. It is always ready to give one a lift and is constantly stocked with fresh fruit, juices and snacks.

Biking and Special Events After breakfast, our trip leaders highlight the day's activities that lie ahead and review safety aspects. In general, in the mornings adults and youngsters bike together. In the afternoons, youngsters may be off canoeing, swimming, rolling out fresh candy, visiting pastry shops, touring medieval castles or simply joining any of our special events, which provide for an unforgettable day (adults are welcome to join, of course). In the meantime, adults may be touring a grappa distillery, relaxing at the spa or biking the extended routes in the surrounding hills.

Accommodations and Cost Families can choose single or twin-bedded rooms for children or opt for a triple room to share. Tour cost for children is based on their age.

Dining & Evenings Children can be more demanding than adults when it comes to meals. Bike Riders provides the best regional cuisine for children's tastes. While adults might opt for pappardelle with fresh truffles, kids might be just as happy with the same fresh pasta but with classic tomato sauce. You may choose to dine together as a family. Otherwise, we set up separate adult and children tables. On some evenings, adults have the option to dine separately. For an "evening out" we can help arrange for nighttime child supervision (at additional cost). Please notify your guides as early as possible of your desire to arrange for a sitter. Be aware that in spite of our best efforts, it may not always be possible to obtain a sitter and our guides cannot provide this service themselves.

Gear We provide bikes and gear to fit your children's needs. For kids 8 years and younger we highly recommend riding a burley trailer, which attaches to an adult bike. Even if your youngsters are used riding a bike at home, they may still not exhibit the endurance to cover longer trip distances, nor the self-confidence to bike in an unfamiliar environment. With a Burley trailer, children are truly helping pedaling, all the while they are getting used to the rules of the road, especially when traveling abroad. If your kids will be riding their own bikes, we also have different children bike sizes available. Teenagers and youngsters at least 5 feet in height usually fit on adult bikes just fine, given the wide variety of frame sizes available.

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